In this article we will se how to submit a ticket for one or more LRU to be repaired/changed.

Getting the portal

The first thing to do is getting the support portal following the URL

You will see the following screen:

Clicking on the highlighted button (without logging-in), you will be redirected to the page that will allow you to submit the ticket:

Submitting the ticket

First of all, you will have to select the value "Warehouse" for the field Type.

In this way, you will see some more fields containing information to be provided when the ticket refers to LRU to be repaired/changed:

At this point you will have to provide:

- Bike S/N (serial number of the bike),

- LRU P/N (part number of the bike).

Once populated LRU P/N, you will be asked to provide also LRU Description (that will be suggested basing on the value of LRU P/N you put) and LRU Quantity:

After inserting the previous information, you will have to provide also the following ones:

- Requester: your email address (where you will get the response at your ticket),

- Subject: the subject of the ticket,

- Description: a brief description of the ticket.

Once populated them, you can give the proof that you're not a robot and then submit the ticket by clicking on the highlighted button:

See you on the next tutorial!