Provides an overview of the service through a series of panels of different colour (depending on the urgency of the operations). They specify the real time number of the service and redirect the operator to the specific command. They work as an “alarm”, so that operators may intervene promptly.

Here is a list of all the commands:

Low Battery online Bikes: Active, charging bikes, with a low battery level.

Bikes offline: Inactive bikes, not in repair and not in charge.

Bikes moving without trips: Bikes moving for more than 200 m, without user log in.

New user reports: Reports sent by users, not managed by operators.

Long Trips: indica il numero dei viaggi che supera la durata/km del valore indicato attraverso le impostazioni (System).

Docking point won’t release bike: Docking points that do not release bikes.

Bikes left outside station area: Bikes without repair, powered on, left outside station area.

Unconfirmed user membership: User memberships still unconfirmed by operators.

3D secure lost customers: Users registered without inserting credit card details

3 short return trips: Bikes not in repair, powered on, that have completed three consecutive short return trips.

Bikes not moving: Bikes not in repair, unused for more than a week.

Bikes with maintenance expired: Bikes with maintenance expired

Pick up list: Pick up list

Bikes with new repair: Bikes with a new repair.

Bikes with repair in progress: Bikes with a repair in progress (not completed).

Docking points in repair: Docking points in repair.

Docking point mismatch: Discrepancy between the number of installed and actual number of active docking points.

Unavailable docks station: Docking stations where number of set unavailable point is greater than 0.

Lost/missing bikes: Lost or missing bikes.

Power off bikes: Powered off bikes, not in repair.

Bikes in service: Bikes in service, free to use.

Active trips: Active, moving bikes.

Bikes in dock: Active, not moving bikes, usable within docks.

Bikes not in dock: Active, not moving bikes, located outside docks.

Docking Stations: Active docking stations.

Docking point in service: Active docking stations, not in repair.

Installed docking points: Docking points in active docking stations.