Here you can see the details of each vehicle.

àOpen the menu > Push “Scan for Devices” > tap on the Vehicle for see the details.


                Lock state: Front wheel is locked

                Dock state: Bike is locked into the dock

                Battery: State of charge of the battery

                Motor State: Motor turned on/off

                42V: Battery is in the bike

                Battery Key Switch: Battery compartment is open/closed

                Dock Uid: Docking point ID code



                GPS fix quality




                Direction: Direction

                HDOP: HDOP

                Number of satellites: Number of satellites nearby


                Vehicle speed: Vehicle speed

                Pedal cadence: Pedal cadence

                Odometer: Odometer (technology used to measure distance covered)

                Motor temperature: Motor temperature

                MCU temperature: MCU temperature


                Pack voltage: Pack voltage

                Pack temperature: Pack temperature

                Pack current: Pack current

                SOH: Battery health

                RSOC: State of charge

                Charge time: Charge time – a not-null value indicates that the charger is connected

Board status                       

                SBB: Communication status with BMS

                SBC: Communication status with the Controller

                SME: EEPROM memory status

                SMF: External flash memory status

                SBL: Communication status with Bluetooth module

                Spp: Primary battery status

                Sps: Secondary battery status

                Sac: Accelerometer status

                Sgp: GPS status

                Sgs: GSM/GPRS status