To correctly terminate the service, place the bike on the rack of one of the stations located on the map and, from the main screen, select “End Trip”. If you wish to end the trip, but the rack is fully occupied, the app will point at the second nearest station. You will be charged a service fee if you choose to end the trip outside a station or if you do not correctly place the bike on the rack.

àHow to end a trip: 

  • from the main screen select “end trip” > 
  • Wait for page load > 
  • Confirm by selecting “end trip” > 
  • Place the bike on the rack
  • Push the lever placed on the front wheel to manually lock the bike

To continue the trip, tap “Continue Trip”.

Once you select “End trip”, the following details will appear on the screen: trip start date and time, trip end date and time, bike used, distance covered, cost and itinerary.